Kimberly Ong

Chinese American Museum Rebrand


Graphic Designer

Motion Designer

Re-branding the Chinese American Museum in Los Angeles and envisioning an installation piece that would exist in the museum.

Uncover is an interactive installation that was created as part of the re-branding for the Chinese American Museum. The goal of this project was to raise awareness for the forgotten history of the first Chinese immigrants. Their role in the creation of modern America is often overlooked and unappreciated. Because of these circumstances, the new generation of Chinese Americans don’t have a sense of the heritage. Their lack of a connection to their culture motivated me to create a installation that would help educate them in a unique, engaging and fun experience.The medium of this installation is rice, because it is symbolic of Chinese culture as a staple food. The projection on the rice provides a story about the journey of the early Chinese immigrants that spans across hundreds of years.