FU: Glitch art

Anything that man creates is bound to create an error, because imperfect creatures cannot create perfection. Glitches are a way of mans inventions to rebel against mankind, to provoke and torment us in the littlest and annoying way as possible. But what if we are mistaken? What if we are too quick to dismiss these glitches as failures? Perhaps it is time we put our anger aside and embrace this pixelated weirdness.

FU is an art exhibition that welcomes errors and failures, nothing is right and nothing is wrong. FU is a way of telling the world to take it as it is and if you don’t like it, well. The artist featured in the exhibition range from electronic & computer musicians to textile designers. They have dedicated their creative life to understanding and experimenting the Glitch art movement. These Glitch lovers emphasized the positive consequences of technical errors and frame it up on art galleries all over the world. Even though some people may say that the Glitch art movement is a lazy way of making art, and that it is basically a screenshot, these artists have chose to put aside their reasoning and acceptance of perfection to sit down and listen to what these glitches are trying to say, and usually they whisper.

  • Role Graphic Designer

  • For Typography class

  • Date 2014

  • Instructor Stephen Serrato

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